The right fit: 4Site® offers a history of experience in providing solutions for mining, power generation and process industries

For asset intensive enterprises, asset performance determines company performance. Timely, cost-effective maintenance helps optimize revenue streams from critical facilities and equipment throughout the asset lifecycle. That's why plant and equipment managers rely on the 4Site® enterprise asset management (EAM) applications, services and education.

The 4Site® asset management solution integrates asset maintenance, inventory management and financial reporting, providing ready access to the hard data needed to move quickly as business needs change. Just as important, 4Site® delivers robust functionality and tight integration that support compliance with financial regulatory mandates. And, that same functionality ensures that worker safety and environmental mandates are met. 4Site® EAM helps power generation, mining and process manufacturing companies leverage critical assets for competitive advantage:

  • Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) and preventive maintenance drive maximum uptime and minimal repair costs.
  • Integrated purchasing and inventory management capabilities ensure effective inventory management.
  • Security and documentation capabilities ensure appropriate financial reporting and governance compliance, as well as worker and environmental safety.

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