Drive your results with asset driven cost savings

4Site® Solutions for Power Producers

While world-wide demand for power is steadily increasing, economic turmoil, highly volatile resource prices and continued uncertainty are increasing challenges for power generation companies. Power generation enterprises must address exacting financial regulations and growing exposure to high-profile environmental, social and safety factors.
As the urgent need for long-term power supply resources converges with environmental and safety compliance requirements, power generation enterprises also face tough, costly decisions to repair or replace aging assets. Success in this dynamic global business environment comes from a focus on innovation and quality.
Strategic asset management can offer a route to prolonging asset life, containing costs and managing a key part of the regulatory compliance puzzle. The 4Site® enterprise asset maintenance (EAM) solution gives power generation enterprises a full suite of integrated asset maintenance and financial management tools to support revenue-driving asset performance and continuous power generation.


Generate Maximum Asset Performance

Because power generation is all about producing reliable levels of energy, hour after hour, day after day, equipment reliability is possibly the single most important factor in successful plant operation. With 4Site®, power providers can keep plant and equipment performing reliably, while making the most of planned outages and preventive maintenance (PM) activities:
  • Increase reliability and asset life with robust preventive/predictive maintenance (PM) programs and reliability centered maintenance (RCM)
  • Keep facilities and equipment operating at peak levels; improve resource utilization
    Manage planned outages through effective project plans, monitoring outage progress and controlling costs
  • Consolidate tasks for functionally related equipment and efficient deployment of technicians
    Minimize the outage period while performing all necessary inspections and upgrades


Improve Productivity and Control Costs

Integrated maintenance, purchasing and inventory management functions help ensure cost control; integration with 4Site®'s accounting and financials means that financial data is always current and accurate:

  • Control costs and ensure accurate reporting with integrated project management, asset maintenance, MRO purchasing and inventory, and financial capabilities
  • Reduce maintenance expense with comprehensive contractor management capabilities
  • Manage assets across distributed operations; across the board multi-company processing
  • Consolidate inventory to increase purchasing power and reduce warehousing costs
  • Manage maintenance and disposition of acquired or reorganized assets
  • Streamline and automate processes; improve accuracy and eliminate duplication


Manage Regulatory Compliance

Meeting regulatory mandates requires comprehensive data and diligent project oversight for audit and information enquiries. 4Site® provides robust financial and accounting capabilities that ensure accurate corporate reporting and regulatory compliance.

With advanced capabilities to support PM and RCM, as well as safety measures embedded in the MRO purchasing and inventory modules, 4Site® also helps ensure compliance with worker safety and environmental sustainability mandates. A safe, progressive workplace supports maximum productivity and boosts retention. The same principles apply to ensuring environmental safety for the broader community.