In your business does asset maintenance drive revenue or just increase expense?

4Site® Asset Maintenance, the centerpiece of the 4Site® integrated EAM solution, provides unique capabilities that help plant and equipment managers maximize asset performance, drive down maintenance costs and generate revenue from critical assets. Raw data is transformed into actionable knowledge, so maintenance managers can make better decisions faster. Automated tools increase the efficiency, accuracy and productivity of the maintenance team. Documentation and security capabilities help ensure compliance with financial, safety and environmental regulations. 4Site® Asset Maintenance drives optimal asset performance with greater efficiency and less cost:

Enhanced Preventive/Predictive Maintenance (PM) Programs
  • Ensure reliable performance, extend asset life, maximize asset availability and ensure product quality and consistency
  • Robust equipment hierarchy, root cause analysis, multi-function backlog reporting, templated task instructions, and multiple triggers
  • Leverages PM to ensure safety and environmental compliance
Out-of-the-Box Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Tools
  • Identify critical equipment and components
  • Identify failure modes of the critical equipment
  • Prioritize the failure modes
  • Select applicable and effective PM tasks for high priority failure modes
Access to Critical Information
  • Visibility into asset performance and operational expenses with key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Continuous improvement of maintenance plans improves efficiency, reduces costs
  • Comprehensive repair database provides easy access to equipment work history
  • Equipment cost analysis informs repair/replace decisions
  • Automatic updates to equipment and project costing, inventory stores, direct purchase and accounts payable records
Effective Cost Control
  • Control contractor costs; consolidate processes; enable collaboration
  • Keep costs in line; bring projects in on time and on budget with project management capabilities
  • Graphic scheduler provides visibility and simplifies processes
  • Improve efficiency and productivity with assured task readiness processes

Designed to help maintenance managers ensure that the right materials are available at the right time and place

Balancing the cost and availability of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inventory is one of the biggest challenges maintenance managers face. That's why 4Site® Inventory Management is a vital component of the 4Site® EAM solution. 4Site® Inventory Management is designed to help maintenance managers ensure that the right materials are available at the right time and place, making projects more efficient and economical. Effective inventory management saves purchasing, warehousing and labor costs, freeing up valuable operating capital. Because 4Site® Inventory Management is tightly integrated with 4Site® Asset Maintenance, 4Site® Purchasing / Procurement and 4Site® Accounting and Financials, the maintenance department can leverage MRO inventory management to drive asset performance at the lowest cost. With 4Site® Inventory Management, mining, power generation and process manufacturing companies can reduce inventory costs, improve maintenance efficiency and maximize performance:

Reduce Inventory Cost
  • Optimize ordering schedules and quantities
  • Minimize obsolete and excess inventory
  • Accurate inventory values and up-to-date inventory control accounts
  • Leverage consignment inventory capabilities; automatic reordering, receiving, warehousing, issuing and invoicing
  • Avoid cost of ordering the wrong parts or replacements with repairable spare handling capabilities
  • Multiple warehousing capabilities with consolidated warehouse stock records avoid duplication, waste and oversupply
Increase Efficiency
  • Generate automatic reorders driven by current trends, stock analysis and forecasting
  • Easily identify equipment parts based on robust equipment hierarchy
  • Reduce entry errors and improve warehouse productivity
  • Weigh lead time, purchase price, and criticality of owner equipment when determining stock and order levels
  • Avoid waiting at the parts counter or having idle equipment waiting for parts
  • Use drop points capabilities for precise on-site delivery
  • Automatic email alerts for repairable spares status; automatic tracking of repairable spares as they are removed from equipment and returned to stock, scrapped or sent for repair
  • Reserve materials by simply copying required stores items directly from work orders to reservation requests
Maximize Performance
  • Prevent stock outs
  • Ensure material supply
  • Enhance supplier collaboration
  • Liberate capital resources for more profitable applications
Worker Safety and Environmental Mitigation
  • Ensuring worker safety enhances productivity and boosts retention
  • 4Site® pricebook items include hazardous material codes
  • The system supports material safety data sheet (MSDS) forms describing safe handling, storage and procedures in the event of release, exposure or spillage

Are procurement, distribution and waste eating up your MRO budget?

4Site® Purchasing / Procurement drives cost-effective, efficient procurement for maximum asset performance and safety. 4Site® Purchasing / Procurement, part of the 4Site® integrated EAM solution, helps maintenance managers keep procurement costs in line with accurate, up-to-date information, streamlined processes, and improved supply chain collaboration. Tight integration with 4Site® Inventory Management ensures that the right products are stocked at optimal inventory levels. Purchasing managers can quickly identify the appropriate suppliers with the best prices, and manage orders and contracts to promote a secure supply of quality products at the best prices. Web-based requisitioning tools make it easy for large operations or organizations with dispersed satellite locations to keep critical parts in stock at any location. 4Site®'s electronic catalogs make detailed information on any purchased part readily accessible. This is extremely important when hazardous materials are involved - with the electronic catalog tools, plant managers know exactly what is being handled, and exactly how to handle it to ensure employee and community safety. 4Site® Purchasing / Procurement drives cost-effective, efficient procurement for maximum asset performance and safety:

Control MRO Costs
  • Consolidate MRO spending; ensure best price and secure supply
  • Leverage robust bid analysis
  • Streamline contract purchasing; automated quotation, tendering and proposals
  • Place orders via requisitioning anywhere, any time
  • Increase order accuracy and timely acquisition of goods
Promote Supplier Collaboration
  • Identify the best new and current suppliers
  • Reduce purchase prices and procurement costs, consolidate purchases
  • Improve product reliability
  • Save with consignment contracts and automated expediting
  • Manage relationships with supplier performance analysis and compliance tools
Enhance Data Security and Accuracy
  • Paperless procurement regulates and streamlines entry, approval, sourcing and transmission to suppliers
  • Electronic creation and distribution of award letters
  • Enhanced review and tracking of purchases created directly from work orders
  • Ensure that no project will be compromised because of material delays
  • Easily track order progress through ordering to receipt
Improve Efficiency with Electronic Catalogs
  • Consolidates all goods and services that are stocked, purchased or used by the organization
  • Makes product data available on-demand from anywhere across the enterprise
  • Incorporates costing, purchasing, manufacturer, suppliers and tax codes, as well as descriptions, specifications, technical drawings and equipment owners
  • Includes hazardous materials codes and procedures in case of accident

    Precision Tools For Procurement Management

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    Up-to-the-minute summaries and analysis based on current data to turn process data into actionable knowledge resources.

    With 4Site® Accounting and Financials, enterprises have the tools to put the right information into the right hands at the right time - and ensure regulatory compliance.

    Business success in today's economy demands flexibility, speed and precise documentation to meet exacting regulatory requirements. Decision makers need fast, easy access to accurate and current enterprise information. With 4Site® Accounting and Financials, mining, power generation and process manufacturing enterprises have the tools to put the right information into the right hands at the right time - and ensure regulatory compliance.

    Transform Process and Operational Data into Actionable Knowledge

    Tight integration with the rest of the 4Site® enterprise asset management (EAM) suite ensures that operational data translates immediately into an accurate reflection of the financial status of the enterprise. With each transaction - charging labor and materials to a work order, purchasing goods and services, committing funds to projects, paying suppliers and billing customers - operational data feeds financial management.

    Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements

    Just as important, integration of 4Site® business information and governance processes with corporate reporting combine to build a reliable, automated compliance environment. This comprehensive approach means businesses can leverage existing tools to improve business performance and implement robust control and reporting processes.

    Visibility and Control Help Manage Costs
    • Control the appropriation process from budget allocation to project completion with automatic workflow
    • Easily track MRO, repair and replacement; set up asset hierarchy and independent equipment cost centers
    • Simplify capital and operating projects with comprehensive management and security tools
    • Advanced import, export and messaging capabilities leverage existing systems and expertise
    • Operate single- or multi-entity environment
    Automated Processes Ensure Accuracy and Security
    • Automated processes and alerts manage approvals, project tracking and reporting, and prevent overruns
    • Powerful tools simplify reporting and enhance accountability for regulatory compliance
    • Workflow and project alerts help avoid costly overruns, eliminate data processing errors, enable security
    • Secure process for approving payments, creating financial transactions and printing checks
    Seamless Integration Maximizes Performance
    • Tight integration with 4Site® Asset Maintenance, 4Site® Inventory Management and 4Site® Purchasing/Procurement
    • Eliminates need to build and maintain interfaces
    • Automatically rolls up transactions from 4Site® asset, purchasing and inventory management into financials
    • Ensures data accuracy and integrity for financial reporting and regulatory compliance
    • Enables better business decisions faster
    • Provides quick, easy access to comprehensive operational statistics
    • Delivers up-to-the minute summaries and analysis based on current, accurate data

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