Ever experience the frustration of learning new software?
We make sure you know what you need to.

4Site® Training Services

It just doesn't make sense to pay for functionality that isn't used to its best advantage. 4Site® training is focused on helping users gain the skill and confidence to use the software and get the most out of the system.
4Site® training is an on-going affair that starts with dynamic sessions targeted to specific user needs and functional areas, delivered by certified 4Site® trainers on-site or over the Internet. This approach ensures that more people receive expert training while minimizing travel and accommodation costs. Key personnel remain on-site and available for consultation, minimizing the impact on normal routines and responsibilities.


Who Needs 4Site® Training ?

Giving personnel from across the organization – senior financial officers, maintenance planners and stores clerks – the skills to apply 4Site® to their jobs, you enhance productivity and develop valuable, company-wide knowledge resources.

Train the Trainer

As user experience grows, peer-led sessions with on-demand topics are a powerful, cost-effective means to keep all users up to speed. With 'Train the Trainer' methodology, at least one individual in each area becomes a power user who can train other users. These in-house experts become a valuable knowledge base, reinforcing their own learning as well as others', and provide system orientation to new employees.

Different Learning Styles

Because of the many ways that people learn and the many ways that 4Site® is used within a single organization, multiple methods are available for finding out what you need to know. Scheduled training sessions are only the beginning:
  • 4Site® Training Services
    Electronic and printed materials distributed during training sessions reinforce learning, illustrate common processes and guide users with step-by-step procedures until everyday 4Site® tasks become second nature.
  • Online help
    4Site®'s comprehensive online help provides relevant information at the click of a button. For an overall view of a process or specific help for a particular entry, users can simply and easily call on the fully indexed and searchable help system.